Intimate Wedding Bartender, Mixologist and More Entertainment

In the wedding industry, we have become accustomed to the new normal by celebrating intimate weddings. Dance floors are not allowed in weddings, and by consequence, many couples are concerned about entertainment.

Entertaining Guests with a Wedding Bartender and Mixologist

They ask me: Nérida, how am I going to entertain my guests if dancing is not allowed? We equate dancing to the celebration and having a good time, and if we don’t have it on that special day, we get caught up in uncertainty and insecurity.

However, there are many ways to have fun. Although dance music is certainly the favorite, we have many options, like, for example, Mixology and Cocktails.

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Unique Drink Cocktails at your Wedding

Offering unique cocktails has undoubtedly become increasingly present at weddings. Couples integrate it in their wedding by creating a signature drink for the bride and the groom and calling them: His and Hers. With this, their favorite drink is integrated into the menu, customizing wedding elements according to each couple's tastes.

Types of Wedding Mixologist Entertainment

Suppose we add to this having a mixologist at the wedding, offering the complete show. In that case, it becomes a great entertainment piece since many offer cool tricks and incredible showmanship—something like in the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise from 1988. The wedding mixologist's performance can vary between a solo show behind the bar or having the couple participate by learning all the tricks and making the special drinks for their guests. The bride and groom have a great time, and their guests enjoy the moment watching them enjoy themselves.

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Other Types of Wedding Entertainment

There are many other options, in terms of entertainment, to offer your guests. It is only a matter of getting creative and thinking about what things the couple likes to integrate into the wedding and thus entertain their guests—for example, Karaoke, Illusionist, among others. In intimate or large weddings, good entertainment is always vital to creating a unique and memorable experience. So, let's think outside the box and offer your guests unique experiences that they will not forget!

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